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When everything feels like its falling apart

Welp, February showed up with a bang. The Blue Moon, supermoon and total lunar eclipse hit with force. Wow.  I don’t think anyone came out of that unscathed.

I love how the universe works… these clearing energies come in and magnify whatever you need to look at. For many, including myself, this energy was a complete dissolution of everything you’ve ever counted on. All structures got wiped away. It was like any stabilizing physical framework was up for grabs. None of it held any promise of being there tomorrow.

Without any structure or framework of how to engage with the world, it felt like no effort was enough. It was the abyss of creation and the only path was surrender.

It also came with the most gentle reminder that ‘you are not alone’. Whatever we create from the great void, we do it together. United, we are stronger. Together we fight for love, truth, peace and integrity with devotion are our comfort, and love for humanity our fuel.



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