My wake-up call with health and food

Consciousness Is Everything. My lesson on back to basics.

I have been forgetting my body in my Spirit, Mind, Body practice.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job at working on raising my consciousness, feeding my spirit with teachings and meditation, reflecting on experiences of attachment/aversion – doing yoga, eating healthy, sleeping well and pretty happy – you know, plugging away as one does.

But, over the past 6 months or so, i’ve been pretty tired. That wake up tired kind of tired. So I went to get some testing done by a group of functional medicine doctors who have an impressive mindful, holistic practice.

I did it more out of curiosity than a burning need, not thinking it would really address any specific physical issues I was having. I think I had been discounting a lot of physical symptoms I was having as ‘getting older’. But, I was interested to know why my body went into menopause 10-15 years early, and why my elbow and forearm have been hurting for so long despite months of acupuncture.

Last week I got my test results back, and just the highlights of my issues generated a 2 page medical rap sheet… what?? how was this possible? yet it explained everything…

– hormones out of balance
– no estrogen
– no progesterone
– low cortisol
– adrenals burned out
– no energy
– not burning fat or carbs
– no detectable amino acids (protein) in my blood
– poor Mitochondrial production (no energy for cell and organ support)
– full body inflammation (pain/joint, muscle weakness)
– brain inflammation (memory issues, dizziness)
– liver very unhappy, overloaded and not detoxing (acne, increased food sensitivity, fatigue)
– bacterial infection in stomach lining neutralizing my stomach acid (not digesting nutrients)
– moderate to severe gluten sensitivity
– Hashimoto’s autoimmune disorder (high thyroid antibodies)

There is more but I think you get the point. I was pretty stunned, because other than a cranky elbow and a steady fatigue I had grown used to, I wasn’t feeling THAT bad.

I sat my ass on my meditation cushion and said, what gives? What’s the message? The answer I got back immediately was that I was not blessing my food. FACK! I mean, I would do it now and then, but generally I was not eating mindfully. I was on my computer or in front of the TV, usually working or distracted while I ate.

The funny thing is my test results also measured a chemical that showed the same thing. When we don’t chew enough or pay attention to the food we are eating, we do not produce the enzymes and chemicals we need to digest it properly. Your relationship to food is so important to health. I have to stop thinking of eating as a chore, rather a blessing.

Even the team of medical practitioners is so focused on this specific point that in a follow-up, I had to commit to eating at least 1 meal a day without distraction (no phone, computer or tv) and admire/chew my food. LOL. Well, I guess that wasn’t enough because truthfully I had forgotten to do it after a while, and then I had a dream…

Dreams are great messengers (I think that’s a book…lol) Many of us get a visit from ‘Derek’ in our dreams. For me, this often symbolizes ‘higher guidance’ as that is what Derek represents to me. In the dream, Derek was reviewing and sweeping away some of my immediate future karma, he paused at one specific piece of karma and said, whoa, that could of been really big/bad, you don’t need that and brushed it away.

I woke up wondering what the heck the karma was, but was also just glad I dodged that bullet… 🤔later that morning I felt pretty emotional. I seemed to be processing emotions (tears) but with no specific feelings – i .e. there was no topic I was working through, I was not mad, sad, scared etc. Then my heart felt a bit like it was yearning for my best friend. It was unusual for me. I was missing something (clue 1), I was yearning for spiritual support (clue 2).

Later that day, after talking through the scenario with a close friend, I realized that indeed that “big karma’ that got swept away was related to me not blessing my food. It could have resulted in serious matter – and (clue 1) I was missing something – I had completely forgotten how important it was to bless my food for spiritual support. The body has to be the foundation that supports (clue 2) my spiritual growth.

So its back to basics for me. How grateful I am for the reminder to bless my food.

“Health is the greatest gift. Confidence the greatest tonic. Service to others the greatest satisfaction. And LOVE is the source of them all #LLLD

Missing just one of our foundational practices seems to risk destabilizing the entire structure. Thank you Master D for your teachings, the lesson of the importance of dreams, the tools of meditation and the reminders you give us to go back to basics.

Very, very grateful. I have been talking to all my black beans and tomatoes today. lol. They don’t call it GRACE for nothing.

#LiveLoveLearn #BumpsOnThePath🤣


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