March Madness or March Meditation?

Lambs and Lions

They say March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. I wonder where that saying came from…. perhaps more interesting, is how it always seems to come true. In this part of the world, it typically means the weather starts off relatively mild and ends with a crazy snow storm. This year however, the lion manifested as lion-size change.

In February I wrote about the energies come in and feeling as if they were wiping out all known structures. Perhaps it was foreshadowing, because this month those energies have translated into reality and change seems to be going around.

March was pretty interesting. I attended the ‘Paths of Consciousness‘ workshop with my mentor Derek O’Neill, where he announced that he is going off social media and ending his USA workshops. These two events signify that global change is coming and the old structures are ready to crumble. Things are not working any longer and we cannot continue to put energy into something that no longer serves us. It’s time to change and satsang is the key.


Remember when you used to think being on a spiritual path would be easy? Thinking, yeah, I’ll do yoga, eat organic, meditate, play with oracle cards, maybe go vegetarian and live a care-free live. The promise was go within and find happiness. To be fair, you do achieve a deeper sense of purpose, inner-peace and happiness as a result but, it also takes effort, focus and discipline. Want to know how well you are doing? The test is change and your score is determined by your reaction to it.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” Heraclitus

Like most of us, when something ends, my initial reaction is to ask what is next – what will replace it. When we lose a job, a relationship, an aspect of your health – we are immediately thrown into the change machine. The question is, do we embrace it or resist it?  There are lots of ways to embrace change, here are a few I use.

1. Say Thank You

The ability to say thank you, even if through clenched teeth, is recognition that there is cosmic intelligence guiding our lives – and that a change in course is needed to facilitate our next stage of growth. Let’s face it, somethings are easier to be grateful for than others but the goal is to receive all change with equanimity. My teacher often tells a story of a positive, bright young man who got jumped in an ally on his way home from school. He was beaten so badly that he ended up in hospital. When his mother met with the doctors to get an assessment of his injuries, the doctor revealed they had discovered an aggressive form of cancer in his body, that might of killed him, had he not been admitted. Gulp, queue gratitude. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to see the silver lining, not everything is revealed straight away – but there is always a message. That takes us to step 2.

2. Meditate on It (i.e. Find the message)

When an event happens, look for the message. There is a teaching that says, whatever happens has not come to hurt you but to enlighten you. Enlighten you to a new opportunity, perspective or way of moving forward. Messages show up all the time, in dreams, in things people say to you, and even in the slogan of a truck driving by. This is how the universe works. Pose a question, you will get a response. Messages also come as aches, pains, upset and change. How many people go looking for growth when they are happy and content? Friction is a change agent, it gets us to move.

Change always triggers an emotional response – it is so critical to identify these feelings and the belief systems behind them. It’s often our unconscious beliefs that is driving our experience. If keep manifesting the same issue in a new package, changes are you are not dealing with the underlying belief system that has you stuck. When we become complacent, the universe will keep directing us towards expansion and growth – this is the nature of our universe and you’re in the mix. If we understand that everything happens for a reason, we can start to flow more easily in the stream of life.

3. Surrender

This last one sounds the easiest but I find to be the most difficult. Surrender is not giving up. It is letting go of control from a place of trust and faith. The prayer of surrender I am experimenting with now is, “okay universe, you know my heart, my mind and my physical needs, place me where I may be best utilized for the highest good of all “.  I’ll let you know how it goes…. as a recovering control freak, I can attest to how unnatural this feels.

Surrender isn’t a natural inclination for me, it is always a process – I start with step 1 and step 2  above. Once I’ve spent time understanding why change happened and analyzed my reaction and any messages, it’s time to do something with that insight. You can’t resign yourself to the couch and wait for your dream job, health or happiness to just stroll up. It’s time to manifest something new.

Manifest, manifest, manifest. Yes! We are the captains of our own ship, we’re the ones responsible for our life. So, how much effort do you take while in this surrender mode? How much time do you spend visualizing what you want to attract? We have to combine, the three aspects of manifestation, while being in surrender. The three aspects of manifestation are spirit, mind, body also known as energy, thought, action – they all play a role in creating the next ‘thing’. So, I started to analyze how I manifest and I determined that its a process. First it is by emotion (e=energy in motion), I know how I want to feel, and I know when I energetically align with something. If that is in place, it initiates an interest, which is when my mind/thought engages and then I take physical action.

Satsang is Everything

Satsang is a sanskrit word meaning “to associate with true people” or to be in the company of true people. You may recognize the old saying, birds of a feather flock together  or show me your company and I’ll show you your future. All the same stuff. The point being, the moral compass and characteristics you hold dear, must be reflected in the way you engage the world.  From the people you spend time with, to the TV you watch, to the social environments you participate in. Where you put time and thought, energy follows. So if you don’t want to re-create an unhealthy environment and change is knocking at your door, one of the best ways to create the life you truly want is to spend time doing the things that promote that goal.

You are a #LoveActivist!



To explore resources on change, mindfulness, fear, happiness and more I highly recommend the Get A Grip book series by Derek O’Neill.



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