I don’t pray, I kindly direct the universe

Bartering With God

How many of us have been taught to pray like beggars, reducing ourselves to plea for happiness or forgiveness when things go wrong in our lives? I suppose the motive of many who pray is to barter for change when something we don’t like happens – willing the mercy of a greater being to take pity on our soul. Ugh. This felt so wrong to me – disempowering and completely circumventing responsibility and ownership. As a child, I often wondered why God got blamed for all crud in people’s lives and no praise when things were smooth sailing. Seemed to me God, if there was such a being, was getting the short-end of the stick or religion had it all screwed up. The truth of the matter is when many of us resort to prayer, we’re trying to manifest something different in our lives.

Somewhere along the line, perhaps when being dragged up Baptist, ‘Gods’ message got pretty confusing. Was God a loving God? Or did he punish us? Was there a preordained path for my life? In which case, why bother praying or doing anything? If my life was supposed to go on a specific trajectory, why did God equip me with hopes, dreams and skills? A sick cosmic joke? Or did the religious text have it all ass backwards. The inconsistency between denominations, religions and belief systems, all claiming to be the ‘right path’, in combination with the lack of integrity I saw across the board, i.e. ‘do what I say and not what I do’ made me extremely angry and for a long time I abandoned God completely.

Truth Burns Like A Flame

Well, maybe completely is a bit of a stretch. Like the pilot light recessed deep inside the furnace, truth burned in my heart and manifested again as an external quest in my mid-twenties. It was after years of exploring Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist teachings that I was able to reflect back on my Christian upbringing with a new lens. I realized that the pilot light within me is God. I had to wrestle away the dogma of that word for years. It was so polluted with religious connotation, that I had to reframe ‘God’ to mean what I felt it to be. For many years I used the word ‘Creator’, ‘Universe’ or ‘Energy’.  Frankly, I don’t think God cares what name you use.

For me, God is not a white-bearded being in some far-off location that watches us with judgement above. God is life-force, is energy, is creation, the cosmic intelligence and architect of all the patterns in the universe. The energy behind the elements, the radiance of colour, the maker of worlds, thoughts, and emotions – consciousness itself. It is all that is, including you and me. Its essence is love and infinite expansion. Science has long stated everything in our world is energy and has its own vibration. Quantum physicists are only just uncovering the non-seen aspects of energy (anti-matter, void). Too vast? Okay, okay. Back to prayer…

All the great Masters; Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and Jesus, did not come to form religions – their religion was love. Their message was the same, we are one, kindness, compassion and love. They also taught that the path to uncovering this energy was by going within. Our power comes from is within. We are the creator of our own lives, every thought, word and action is reflected in our relationships, health and even the professions we chose. Fascinating isn’t it?

Manifesting What You Want

When you pray, you are directing energy to focus in a particular format. So when you go to the divine, in whatever form you call it – give thanks for all, even the challenges. Friction, discomfort and dis-ease are messengers that something is out of alignment. A wise man once told me, when you pray for yourself, it takes a long time to manifest, but when you pray for others it happens much faster. He also told me, whatever you want, give it away. So if you need more love in your life, give it away and wish it for humanity, of which you are a part. This way you invite that energy back. When that energy comes back, it will reflect through your conscious and subconscious mind, the way light bends through glass to manifest a rainbow. It’s important to align your thoughts, words and actions with the energy of that which you want to create – not what you lack, so you can manifest with as much clarity and brilliance as possible. If that glass (your mind) is clouded with negativity or limitation, you will reflect that in your life.

So next time you sit down to have a chat with the big guy (or girl), come with a genuine heart, get clear on the motives behind your request and invite love in all its forms, for the benefit of all. Because you are a #LoveActivist!



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