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Eye Of The Storm

In The Midst of Chaos

Today as I was lying in Shavasana at the end of a beautiful yoga class, my mind drifted to the impending hurricane (Michael) and how nature provides such an astute visual display of the energies that are present in our environment. Ancient traditions have long looked to nature for wisdom… and this hurricane, or more aptly the centre of it, reflected a message I had been given the night before during an impromptu tarot card reading.

For months, the universe has been telling me to do less and hold steady. It’s not comfortable for me to do so little… even in this place of ‘wait’ I am still trying to figure out what to do – to prepare, to direct my time and effort appropriately. It’s like training for a match that never happens.

Waiting gets really confusing when you are feeling positive, ambitious, energetic and ready to rock on the inside and your outer world just doesn’t line up. This may not make any sense to folks, but when you are sensitive to energies, and can feel them before they manifest physically, there is an anticipation and it is not always easy to discern what is happening for you individually versus the environment around you. And it’s particularly difficult to hold steady, while the rate of change is so rapid – meaning energy is shifting quickly and just when you think you’re heading in one direction, things change before it even has a chance to manifest physically. Simply put, the goal posts keep moving – it’s like learning to surf in a hurricane.

As I write this, it occurs to me, that this energy comes in universally and how it’s filtered is dependent on our individual lens and karma. Is it any wonder so many of us have no idea what is around the corner?

Tarot – Does that Wizardry Really Work?

Tarot is a great way to interpret energies… a way to tell the story of the conscious and subconscious energies that are occurring in our world at any given time. My dear friend Georgia Marantos is an amazing intuitive. If you need some clarity in your life, I highly recommend a reading with this beautiful soul. She read me so clearly, that I not only gained additional insight into what I am being asked to do, I also experienced this magnificent energy of gratitude, humility and grace. It flooded my being and I was moved to tears of happiness, feeling incredibly honoured to witness this most amazing time in the history of our universe. Scratch witnessing, participating in this most auspicious time in history.

A snippet of the reading

“Looking at the 2 of coins for you, it’s is a card showing a young man holding a coin in each hand. You have two jobs, one you hold higher and dearer to your heart than the other one. When I closed my eyes and held this card, I saw you on the back of a white horse, racing with it and as you raced you were grabbing something that you clearly wanted from up above and to the right of you but as you did, the thing you grasped was sticky and gooey and wouldn’t detach from where it was and you struggled and got it off but as you held it, you stopped moving and then everything around you started feeling sticky and gooey and suddenly, from above, there was white light, so much white light, flooding white light and you came off your horse and lay down and rolled and rolled and this sticky gooey stuff that was all over the ground you rolled and it wrapped you in itself like a blanket and you disappeared in it. Meanwhile, what was left was this majestic white stallion that was now on its hind legs, claiming victory in the white light. The grasping of the thing creates the gooey sticky stuff that we get lost into, this metaphor, although personal, is also universal about desires and grasping. ”

The cards she pulled for me, were a sharp reminder that when we try to hold on to something we want, we can get confined by it. Imprisoned by it. Wrapped up in it in so completely that we lose our ability to move where the universe wants to take us. Ask yourself, is there something in your life that would benefit you to let go of?

The Chaos Out There

Everywhere you look, there seems to be upheaval, drama, and aggression. This is reflected in politics, weather patterns and even personal interactions. We are going through a very turbulent time, as the energies of the solar system intensify, and the sun sends off pulses of light to increase the energetic vibrations that create the very fabric of life. Our entire universe is moving into a new season. Just as our planet moves through spring, summer, autumn and winter, our solar system moves through cycles or yugas of time.

This movement into a higher vibration exposes all that is out of alignment and it can get ugly. A few years ago, my mentor Derek O’Neill told many of us that the next few years were going to get ugly. And boy was he right.

Imagine that you’re turning up a dimmer switch and the room is getting brighter, exposing the clutter and some gnarly looking dust bunnies. Change is happening everywhere, our sun, our planet and our own emotional, mental and physical bodies are getting exposed to higher energies. Now is the time to identify any limiting or negative beliefs in our own system, understand their message, let go and move forward.

Holding on creates goo. Let go of the way you want the world to look, hold only the FEELING of love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct. The universe is made of infinite intelligence, we are only getting in the way and creating suffering when we hold on to old paradigms.

With so many going through challenges at one time, the world can sometimes feel like an episode of the walking dead, as we desperately grasp onto what we are scared to live without. This fear manifests as our need to consume, control, and punish. It is very obvious in the current political climate – funny enough, irrespective of what ‘side’ you are on, the same accusations, blame and shame occurs. We must do the best we can to have an open mind, so we can move where the universe is trying to take us – back to the light.

Finding Your Calm Place

When the outer world no longer provides a supportive and safe place to be, going within is the only logical place to retreat. When we get quiet enough, we can find peace. Sometimes this is why we are asked to WAIT. To hold an energy of stability in the midst of chaos. Exercising, walking in nature or listening to music has this same meditative effect. It recharges our batteries, allows us to gain perspective and sit in a place of power.

This is the eye of the storm. While the winds blow around us fiercely, we are safe from their destructive power. We do not need to retreat in fear, when we have the courage to sit in our power, with a front row seat to the main event. This empowered place fuels the wisdom of discrimination, inclusivity, a quiet confidence, loyalty and passion. This is the place of the great mother Goddess Durga, who loves all of her children.

It is no coincidence that it is Navratri – the festival that signifies the victory of good over the evil. During this period Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped as three different manifestations of Shakti, or cosmic energy.

Happy Navratri – Ma Durga


I wish these qualities for us all, so we may flourish in truth and love. As much as I deeply love humanity, I do not write this blog for you, that would be arrogant. I write this to express energy that I feel and to remind myself of these teachings when I am remiss in applying them. If any part of this offers peace, hope, encouragement or insight, I am grateful to be an imperfect instrument in service.

It is a daily practice to move from ‘me’ to ‘we’. Let us not divide in hate but unite in love.

Join me as a #loveactivist. You are a #divinebeing.



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