I have spent over twenty five years traveling, exploring ancient teachings and religions, and doing my best to find answers to the age old questions “What am I doing here?”, “How did I get here?” and “What the heck is going on?”.

For as long as I can remember I had a deep yearning to find truth, to understand this world and how it all came to be. This inner passion lead me to read books on ancient religions, chakras, reincarnation, aliens/UFO’s, psychic abilities, secret societies and just about any esoteric topic you can think of. After a while, I was tired of reading and wanted to experience the claims that were made in these books, so I started going to workshops, taking energetic healing certifications and traveling to ancient civilizations.  I also got into holistic healing, eastern philosophies on health, conscious eating, and yoga.

I wanted to understand my entire being – spirit, mind and body.

Through every path and plot twist of my life – relationships, jobs, experiences, I uncovered pieces of myself. It was in understanding myself that I really started to explore the mysteries of the universe.  I uncovered way more questions that I did answers, but funny enough, the answers became much less important and the experience became everything.



I’ve been a truth speaker since I can remember and a truth seeker even longer.  When I was 5 yrs old, I recall sitting in church wondering, ‘is this really the TRUTH?’ I lost track how many times I prayed to God, (the God you imagine as a young kid with a Catholic upbringing – he’s the benevolent bearded old man who sits in a throne that floats, splitting his time between answering prayers if he feels like it and general oversight for Catholics) to know – really know – the truth.

My earnest prayers (and karma and dharma, natch) brought answers revealed in bits and pieces through direct experience over decades of continuous exploration and application, consciously walking my path of awakening.

Sparked by a deep yearning to understand who I was and how I could improve my life, I set out to learn everything I could about divinity, the universe, humanity, life, death, and everything in between.  I had (and still do) a voracious appetite for ALL things esoteric, absorbing myself in anything to do with the great mystics, enlightenment, ascension, energy healing, consciousness, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, quantum physics, psychic abilities, “secret” teachings, religions, history, angels, aliens and galactic beings.  My path brought me to countless workshops, retreats, energy healing, trainings, certifications, initiations and anything that had the potential to raise my vibration or help me better understand who I really am beyond this body and name.

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of ups, downs, all arounds and even the oft-expressed dark night of the soul.  Throughout it all, I work to consciously face myself to find myself and apply ancient teachings to deal, heal and peel.  Interestingly, there’s been as much UN-learning as there’s been new learning, and at times I’ve struggled to be who I am.

I’ve worked in Wellness and the Healing Arts for over 10 years now and despite being much older and wiser, the essence of my nature and my “Who am I?” “Why am I?” “How am I?” questions haven’t changed much.  If anything, it’s evolved slightly to include, “How can I serve?” Ironically, that young Catholic girl in prayer would grow into a deeply Spiritual, conscious woman in meditation, doing japa mala. Tomato, to-mat-toe.  All roads lead home.

I’m passionate about all things spiritual, inspired by the field of potential and motivated by how we can work together to create a kinder world.  And despite being more at peace with the great mysteries (mostly), I still just want to know the truth. About everything. I teach, serve and laugh on the path as much as possible because it’s who I am, and LOVE exploring and sharing my Divine Being.  It’s all there is.

This site aims to share some of these findings, hoping in some small way, to give back the love, support and peace these discoveries have afforded us. We dedicate this site to our friend and mentor Derek O’Neill. His guidance and life have shown many that the only way to change the world is through love, truth, peace, non-violence and right-action (service).